Luiza Villar

Mixed Tapes: Here We Go Magic

In Mixed Tapes on 06/07/2010 at 7:41 PM

Many collect records, some collect concert ticket stubs, and a few collect ex-boyfriends.  I just collect favorite songs, such as “Collector” by Here We Go Magic. Luke Temple’s newest musical project goes beyond my usual crushing on the “newest cool-band”, it rapidly expanded into a pure overt musical favoritism. The muted psychedelia of “Pigeons”, Temple’s second LP and first album as a full band, is textured over crumbs of folky guitars and technological beats. The band’s colorful haze of half-conscious sounds is the eccentric compounded result of an analog synth, a cassette 4-track and a SM-57 Mic. Is there such thing as a mild fascination?


  1. i collect ex-boyfriends, little plastic bags, empty pill boxes, and hair.

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