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Mixed Tapes: Ra Ra Riot

In Mixed Tapes on 05/31/2009 at 7:20 PM

For a band that describes their sound as a frothing cauldron of gruel, Ra Ra Riot is the antonym of dull. Their unique line-up of the traditional guitar, bass and drums amplified by cello and violin creates a skewed pop sound that blends a post punk energy with the symphonic melodies of a more melodic age. Although I might be guilty of favoritism, this band is undeniably more than worthy of a listen.



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For all you skeptics and nonbelievers of Miami’s art and music scene, get ready to be slapped in the face with the rawest talent around. Melted Sunglasses, Jacuzzi Boys, This Heart Electric and Palm Trees to name a few. The only added perk that could possibly outshine  So Raw Festival’s daringly offbeat bands, or at least make them seem even more rawesome, is the festival’s staple FREE BEER . How would you like it cooked?





Mixed Tapes: Beach House

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Beach House’s combination of dream pop and indie rock blends effortlessly. Formed in 2005 in Baltimore, the group consists of Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally. With their languid song craft, Beach House is mellow in sound but incredibly stark. Songs like “Master Of None” and “You Came To Me” have a sound that evokes a tale like unpretentious glamour. Beach House’s audible fictitious prose narratives got me charmed.